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*Your organization qualifies as a "Small-Sized Organization" if it generates LESS THAN (USD)$10 Million/ Year (in revenue)

As part of this offer, you can become a reseller of the Project Portfolio Digital Twin, and you will get up to 50% of the agreed-upon subscription fee!

Once you have decided which PPDT option you want to invest in, we will contact you and give you an opportunity to sign up as a reseller. Depending on the support you can provide to client, you can, as a reseller, earn between 25% and 50% commission on the subscription your clients invests in.

By being a reseller, and if you were to invest in Option 2 for $1970. If you secure just one client a year for the lowest $5000/month option, you can earn between 25% to 50% commission on this subscription, depending on the level of customer support you can provide to the client. At 50% commission, you will repay the full investment in the first month of a client subscription.

If you have any questions about the offer or becoming a reseller, email us at:

Which Option Do You Want To Invest In?

Option 1

  • One Premium-User-Licenses
     You will get a One-Month long Premium-User-Licenses to the Project Portfolio Digital Twin (PPDT)
  • In-Depth Training Manual For The PPDT
  • Technical Support
    1x 1-Hour Call Once A Month
    Or... 2x 30-Minute Calls Twice A Month
    With one of our senior PPDT developers


Option 2
2 months free
  • One Premium-User-Licenses
    You will get a 12-Month long Premium-User-Licenses to the Project Portfolio Digital Twin (PPDT)
  • In-Depth Training Manual For The PPDT
  • Technical Support
    1x 1-Hour Call Once A Month
    Or... 2x 30-Minute Calls Twice A Month
    With one of our senior PPDT developers
  • Tactical & Strategic Support
    30-Minute Call Once A Month
    With Dr. Alan Barnard
$1000 (One-Time-Payment)
$10,000 (One-Time-Payment)

If you choose option 1 - monthly option - you will have a couple of options if you want to continue using the PPDT. You can either choose to pay on a monthly basis (and cancel/ stop using the model whenever you want). The alternative is to upgrade to option two; this option is recommended if you and your organization plan to use the model for a longer period.

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and we will help you find an alternative way for you to pay!

Order Summary
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Organizations That Are Already Using Our Digital Twins

Microsoft CTO Robert Meshew Share Amazing Results

"The outcome has been nothing short of remarkable. In that time, we've seen our service levels rise to our customers by a little over 5%. At the same time, we've seen our inventory levels drop by quarter billion dollars across the board, which has led to reduced markdowns and reduced excess and obsolescence of over a hundred million dollars."
- Robert Meshew, CTO of Microsoft Global Supply Chain

We were facing difficulty in deciding how best to improve our company's productivity. We knew we couldn’t afford the risk of making changes without knowing what the likely total impact would be. We reached out to Goldratt Research Labs. They helped us build 4 simulation models. We can even connect these to our live data feed to create accurate digital twins of our operations. These Digital Twins provide us with a safe way to learn how much better we can do and what the impact of planned changes or decisions will be on our total business and supply chain partners. We gained many critical insights from using these digital twins, and they now form a key part of our digital transformation - an integral element of industry 4.0.
- Bimlendra Jha, CEO of Tata Steel UK

Frequently Asked Questions

What is classified as a "small company?"

A company is classified as a "small-sized company" if it makes less than $10 Million/ Year in revenue.

What will happen when the time period is over for Option 1 (or) 2?

When your premium license has expired, you can either stop using the PPDT or continue using the PPDT with the Premium-User-Licenses. You will be invoiced $1000 (for one premium-user license) every month for as long as you use them, you can alternatively choose to pay annually and get a discount. You can, of course, cancel the monthly subscription at any time.

Can I purchase one of the options with a payment plan?

We do not offer payment plans for these offers.

Can I get more support if I needed?

Once you have purchased one of the offers, you will be able to buy additional Technical Support from our developers of the PPDT for $250/hr. And you will be able to purchase Tactical & Strategical Support from Dr. Alan Barnard for $750/hr.

What are the benefits of using PPDT for organizations and teams?

  • It will help you make reliable operational and financial commitments without compromising on performance.
  • It will help you feel confident that you are using the best strategies and tactics for your unique circumstances
  • ​​It will help you to quickly determine the impact of unplanned events and how best to respond.
  • ​It will help you to improve your productivity … and sleep better at night.

Do you have any other questions?

If you have a question regarding our offers of the PPDT, please email,

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